Sunday, September 10, 2006


It's about 8:15pm on Sunday (7:15am Sunday, EST). I've landed safely in Japan and just arrived at the hotel. I'm highly distracted now because I'm watching a show that seems to have instant translation available because the hosts are speaking to the guests in Japanese and the guests are responding to their questions immediately in French. There's food involved as well, someone with a black mesh cloth over the head is giving all the guest panelists a taste of something Japanese, can't figure out why he is wearing the mesh thing though. Is he scared that the food won’t be to their liking and that they’ll spit it out as an immediate reaction? The show may be covering a Japanese exposition in Paris (I'm not sure as I can only figure out half the conversations), one of the Parisian guest panelists is explaining the appeal that Japanese products have to the French, namely that the products are compact, esthetically pleasing and practical. I think the show is called “Cool Japan”. Anyway, speaking of all things cool and Japanese, I'm going to go play with the buttons on the toilet seat some more then unpack and rest in anticipation of exploring Tokyo tomorrow. To all my NYC family & friends, I love you and will be sending especially warm thoughts your way tomorrow.

Oyasumi nasai y'all!


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