Monday, September 04, 2006

Do the words "Captain Scarlet" mean anything to you?

No? I'll wait....Still nothing? Well, don't feel bad, there's not a lot of us, but you weren't alone. A dear friend recently clued me in on the BBC show that aired in the late 60's "Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons". After I stopped laughing he went on to describe the characters and the process used. You see, the creators of Captain Scarlet and it's predecessor "Thunderbirds" didn't rely on animation. Oh no, Captain Scarlet and his cohorts were in "supermarionation", in other words beyond mere marionettes. It was at this point, that I of course started laughing again. He also sent me this link of the theme song. Still laughing, but now curious I went online and dug up these clips (you'll need realplayer to view the clips). It seems that Captain Scarlet had and continues to have a huge cult following. I actually stopped laughing hard long enough to be impressed, it was kinda cool especially the lip-sync. Considering the time period- it was pretty hip.

"The show was forward-thinking - not only did it feature female fighter pilots (albeit very pretty ones with big hair) but also Gerry's first black character. He had wanted to include non-Caucasian characters for a while, but selling the programmes to the American south in the 60s made it impossible. The climate had changed by 1967, and the Trinidadian Lieutenant Green and Japanese Harmony Angel were introduced."(quote found on the BBC site).

All of the marionettes were based on real people for instance, Melody Angel's character was based on Eartha Kitt!

I have been initiated. Thank you.


Anonymous Jim said...

I'd forgotten all about that show. My brother and I would watch it all the time.

3:18 AM  

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