Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Some crafting from this summer

This past summer in Denver as part of our Montessori infancy class studies, my fellow students and I were required to make some of our materials. The weaning set was one of my favorite homework assignments (crafting as homework is a beautiful thing). The set consists of a case, bib, napkin and tablecloth/placemat to be used in conjunction with a weaning table when you are introducing the wee ones to solid foods. What I enjoyed most about these material making sessions was that it encouraged people who never thought of themselves as capable of designing/sewing/making objects. Seeing everyone's work at the end and knowing all the hardwork we put into each of our projects was incredibly satisfying. I used a chain stitch for the embroidery outline of the utensils, plate and cup. A male student in our class used a whip stitch for his outline, which went so well with the dark blue and white material he used.

We also had to make mobiles. This is a fish mobile from a former student a few years back. This one is not mine, but ohhhh, I really want to make it.


Anonymous Becca said...

what a cute set, i really like that fabric. now i want to make one :-)

11:43 PM  

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