Sunday, May 07, 2006

Mile high in > than 30 days

In less than a month DH and I will be making the roadtrip to Colorado. My classes begin early June and I want to give myself a few days to settle down. DH and I were looking at a map today. We figure we'll hit 13 states along the way (9 of which I've never been to). My neighbor has kindly said she would cat-sit and water the plants (yay!). I've got so much to do before we go, I don't even know where to start. Not the least of which is a ginormous homework assignment due for another course, that assignment is due in July. I really should get it done before so that I won't have to pack those extra texts & binders plus the paraphenilia for the upcoming summer courses AND (this is the clincher) so that I won't be doing assignments for that course as well while I'm in CO. Of course I've been telling myself that for the last two months. The house is completely upside down. Why do I procrastinate so? Speaking of procrastinating, I wonder what I can find out about it...

Following text added 30mins later:

I just looked up some interesting things on procrastinating. Fascinating stuff, I'll have to try them one day ;-). Where was I? Ahh, yes. I remember. I was going on and on about all the stuff I have to do before we leave (but I wasn't actually doing any of it, no siree). I also have to make a firm decision on what to pack craft-wise. I can't take it all with me, DH didn't go for the uhaul hitch idea (teehee, it seemed like a great solution to me, Men! There's no understanding them.) I have to decide on what I'm making for the Year of the Sweater KAL and the Scarf style KAL so that I don't buy ANY yarn (Stashalong) while I'm there. I'll take pics and post to the blog along the way.

Speaking of pics, this is what my DH brought home for me from his trip.

The little insignia on the bag: By Appointment to H. M. Queen Elizabeth II Supplier of Fabrics Joel & Son London. My husband is my favorite fiber enabler. I think I might make a kick-ass bag and matching cell phone or iPod holder with this fabric.

He also got me goodie bags from his flight. a.k.a amenity bags/travel wallets. I call 'em goodie bags & I love 'em. They've got such wonderful little items, esp. the pens and of course I use the bags for all my knitting/quilting notions.


Anonymous Chantal said...

Hey, I just checked and they've got a few on ebay. LOL, I may just bid on one, they're pretty inexpensive.

10:40 PM  

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