Thursday, May 04, 2006

Diggin' this whole sock thing

I can't believe it! I am knitting a sock. Me! Knitting a sock. You have no idea how cool that is for me (I obviously don't get out much). This is my progress so far. I've just turned a heel and I'm up to the gusset part. I may even finish the 1st sock by next week. Here's the pic:

I had to rip back a few times because I kept losing track of where I was in the pattern, even though I mark things off. Also, you know how sometimes you read a pattern and a glazed look comes over your face...then you read it again and you understand it even less than you did the first time? Well that happened a few times, but with the help of my trusty gibberish translators (friendly neighborhood YS owners), I was able to get over that hump. Thanks Lu, thanks Lauren!


Blogger Mary said...

Congrats on turning the heel! :-)

1:13 PM  
Blogger Carine said...

Thank you! It makes me so happy :-)

1:25 PM  
Anonymous Charlotte said...

That was pretty quick. Are you going to be trying the 2 socks on magic loop method for the next pair?

4:39 PM  

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