Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I'd like to be, above the sea

in a butterfly garden with you. I thought we were going to have to bring one butterfly in particualr home with us, it just wouldn't fly off of DH's arm. Stayed there for a good 10mins. at least.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Take the last train to Clarksville...

Yesterday we started off in eastern Ohio, went to the Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus

(that's also where I took project spectrum pics from the other day btw), attended an Asian Festival that was going on in the adjacent park and went in search of an elusive bowl of chili in A Taste of Cincinnati (it wasn't there). Couldn't find this legendary bowl of chili anywhere as a matter of fact. NO ONE KNEW WHAT I WAS TALKING ABOUT! Meandered our way through Louisville, Kentucky and ended up in Clarksville. We stayed in Clarksville, Indiana last night.

The conservatory was great! Throughout the buildings on permanent exhibition you'll find Dale Chihuly's blown glass work

They also have Patrick Dougherty's sculptures as well as photographs of his work (can't remeber the photographer's name). Those are pretty cool.

And they have an annual butterfly exhibit which runs from March to September. I'll post those pics Tuesday night

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Project Spectrum


Slightly overcast & gorgeous today in Ohio! Yesterday's trip took us through; New York's Hudson Valley, all of Pennsylvania (which was interesting, 'cause even when we lived in PA we had never gone that far west within the state), West Virginia and just within the Ohio border. DH asked as we came to a fork on the Highway if I wanted to see the horse country of Kentucky OR go through Ohio. Well, did I mention that Cincinnati is The Chili Capital of the World?!?!? Helloooooo, we can swing by the beautiful rolling hills of horse country on the way back. We're talkin' chili here. Mmmmmmmm, chili. Besides eating chili in Cincinnati takes care of one of my 101 things in 1001 days. We'll do a bit of site-seeing, today I think we're going to the botonical gardens. We'll be heading to Cincinnati tonight. Am I forgeting anything? Oh yeah, I noticed I missed and entire section of the ribbing on the over-the-knee socks...so I ripped it out and I'm starting over.

Love yah!

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Note to self

Dear Self,

FYI, when knitting in the round and reading a chart, the chart is read from right to left for every row. Haha, go figure! I hear the faint sound of a frog. Not too bad though, just a few rows.

I haven't posted lately, I've been get ready and organizing my classroom. We leave today for the roadtrip. Will post whenever we stay someplace that has internet access. Probably no pics for a while.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Look at my booty ;-)

The sale at The Yarn Garden was spectacular. Everyone was helping each other picking out yarn and matching them to patterns, refreshments were served, skeins of yarn were being wound up on Denise's ginormous ball winder (this thing is massive) and a sporting time was had by all. Good fun that. I only bought what could fit into one bag (lucky they have large bags). The best news is I actually know what I'm going to use these for, that almost never happens. I usually just buy yarn because it exists. Mum avert your eyes some of this is for your holiday prezzies. You too DH, DB & DN. Shoo. G'way, nothing to see here.

I've made miniscule progress on the Over-the-knee socks but the pics are still coming out horribly. I'm about to start the first round for the thigh (where the lace cable back seam begins). I really like this pattern a lot. Other than that I've been winding down my school year with my little ones and organizing what materials I need to bring, checking and double checking to make sure I have all the books from the reading list. Still haven't packed clothing & crafts, but my academic stuff is ready.

Sunday, May 21, 2006


IE: 0 Me: 1

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Agggh! I )hate( IE

I use Mozilla. I mentioned before that I noticed when my husband reads my blog (he has a pc & uses IE) that my sidebar is at the bottom. I logged on and checked on my Mac using IE (which I had to find and download) it looks like crap, not only is my sidebar at the bottom but the posts go totally across the screen! No matter what width I change anything to in the template!! &#@&#! I'm even trying to make my pictures smaller, thinking that's the cause. Now it's beginning to look like I have a blog for stamp collecting that's how small the pictures are getting. I've checked for errors in my html codes too. Obviously there is something I'm missing but for the life of me I can't figure out what it is and I'm so tired. IE, right now I'm squinting my eyes to little slits so that you may feel my wrath. I have to admit anything that has to do with IE sets my rackles up and gets my nose twitching in the air, so obviously that doesn't help...now I just look like I'm myopic & I have muscular tics. I'm going to bed.

*Me stomping off, all pissed and everything*

*Me returning*

For those of you using IE, I'm really sorry about how crappy my blog looks. It looks really pretty with Mozilla though (maybe I'll post a microscopic picture of what I see when I log on and post it)

*Me muttering and cursing like a sailor under my breath, but too tired to stomp anymore and beginning to smile sheepishly*

G'nite :-)

still hate you IE


A lot of housework being done this weekend, not a lot of knitting :-(

BTW, have you seen the short toe socklet? I can't take credit for finding it, I got the link from another knitter's blog (can't remember which one, I try to read all the blogs for the KALs I'm on and it takes me two weeks to do the rounds and get caught up!) Isn't it too cute! I want to make a few as stocking stuffers for my DN.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Attn: New England Knitters

and anyone who just happens to be traveling through CT. I discovered a yarn shop yesterday by pure chance on my way home and actually drove back later in the evening to take part in their informal SnB (which was great fun btw, thanks Denise!). Yarn Garden is having a ginormous sale this coming Tuesday. 45% off on ALL yarns. Yep, you read that right (nothing off on kits, patterns, notions, or books) this is a yarn only sale. 45% off is my kind of sale. Part of me didn't actually want to post this 'til let's say Tuesday just before the store closed for the evening, but my unselfish side finally won over my "mine, mine, it's all mine" yarn hording side (which btw is bound, tied and safely tucked away for now). Unselfish side kicked ass. Denise has Debbie Bliss, Noro, Green Mountain Spinnery, etc. and probably the last batch of Possum Wool in existence. Please feel free to blame me for any and all purchases when the topic comes up with your significant others, family members, therapists (although therapists will probably insist you take blame for it yourself, unless they knit in which case they'll ask you what ill feelings you are harboring towards them since you hadn't told them about the sale until after the fact). So fellow stashalongers if you're reading this I plan on having my free day on Tuesday :-)

On knitting news, I cast on for the over-the-knee socks but the koigu I'm using is a redish pinkish combo and is not photographing well. So no pics yet.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Project Spectrum

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Warning: Un-knitting ahead

So, I was thinking about learning the magic loop method of knitting two socks on one 40in needle and how it compares to knitting 1 sock on 2 circs. I was also thinking that I knit that first sock too loose and I'd try it in size 2s next time. Well, no time like the present. One thing led to the other and before I knew it, I heard the call of the frogs.

I love the process :-)

Monday, May 15, 2006

OMG, they're impossible!

Booboo, the naughty kitty (those two words are probably redundant, I think cats come in only one flavor...naughty) seems to have more than one fiber deficiency in his diet. This time its wood, my circ. knitting needles that my Mum's sock is on in particular. I looked over and found he had just finished doing this:

I ask you, isn't it enough that they have the run of the house?

Doh! Ahhh well

Down to the beginning of the toe. Me Mum tried it on (since it's for her) and loves it (because that's what Mums do). Okay, so I'm merrily knitting along when I look down at the dwindling cake attached to my working yarn. Only then does it dawn on me that there is no way on this green earth that I will have enough yarn to finish both socks. And of course in one of those rare moments I threw away the band label, which included information that for some strange reason I didn't feel that I would ever need to know. I always save my labels. I remembered which store I purchased it many moons ago and went there yesterday hoping to purchase another skein, knowing it would be a different dye lot, and call it my free day for my Stashalong. There were no more. Seeing that I was just going to spend the day going from one EIFY (exercise in futility) to another, 'cause that's how it is sometimes...and that's actually okay. We went home. I know now that I should have bought 2 skeins, but I thought that one could get one pair of socks out of one skein! I guess if the pair are anklets. But that just slowed me down a bit. I'm going to look in ye old stash to see what I have that will sorta kinda go and me Mum will have a pair of Mix Matched Socks, which she will love, because that's what Mums do :-) :-) :-)

I love you Mum

Carine (there is no period after that last sentence, because there is no end to that statement)

Friday, May 12, 2006


I decided on my first sweater: Rowan #39 Minnie by Amanda Crawford. I'll hopefully be starting a gauge swatch sometime within the next two weeks. They used Rowan DK cotton. I'll be using Briggs Little sport. Colorway red. I'm still deciding on the beads. With the difference in yarn weight, I'll have to adjust a few things. I should put my LYS on speed dial for knitting emergencies when I leave for Colorado. Goodness knows I'm going to need it.

Decided on my next pair of socks, found in Melanie Falick's Handknit Holidays: MUST have these Over-the-knee socks. Tell me you've seen them. They are totally hot! I mean is it just me or aren't these the sexiest socks you've ever seen? I just received this book as a gift and there are so many things in it that I want to make!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

What I see, what I hear

What I see: My almost finished sock. I'm past that portion of the sock that was giving me a challenge. I think it should be clear sailing ahead. Hmmmm, that sounds so familiar. I almost feel as though I said that last week ;-). What I hear: I'm listening to Neil Diamond. You read that right Neil Diamond. I am not ashamed. Say it loud, say it proud. I enjoy listening to Neil Diamond. I've got "Play Me" right now on loop in my iTunes. Maybe I'll play "Longfellow Serenade" afterwards or "I am, I said", possibly some "Red, Red Wine" (ah ha, you didn't know he wrote that didyah?). Maybe I'll put his folder on random and I won't know which song of his will pop up next. I'm just THAT wild and crazy.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The sock that wouldn't end

I haven't posted for a few days, but I have been knitting and unknitting. Believe it or not this is not the same pic of my first sock. Nope, this pic is of the sock after ripping back a total of 5 times. I get to a certain part of the gusset (about the 6th round) and I start noticing that something doesn't look quite right :-(. This time I'm instead of stopping and redoing from here, I'm going to rip back to the end of the first round after the gusset stitches were picked up. I think part of the problem is that I forget to make sure that I'm holding the working yarn between both needles and not over the back needle. I've done that a few times so I know it creates a false stitch which I probably knit into the next round.
We'll see.

Sunday, May 07, 2006


You may have noticed I finally figured out how to put buttons on my blog, friggin' html. Anyway, I've been adding away. I feel like I have flares. Those of you who've seen Office Space will know the reference. Now all I need is a copy of the TPS report and I'm set. Remember a few posts ago I mentioned how the posting page looked different on DH's screen then on mine? Well I discovered today that my blog also looks different on his screen. All the information that I have on my "sidebar"(given the name, one would assume that's where it should be) is found at the bottom of his screen. I can't even imagine where everything is ending up on your screen, possibly smack dab in the middle? On top? Haha, so much for all my careful arranging :-)

Mile high in > than 30 days

In less than a month DH and I will be making the roadtrip to Colorado. My classes begin early June and I want to give myself a few days to settle down. DH and I were looking at a map today. We figure we'll hit 13 states along the way (9 of which I've never been to). My neighbor has kindly said she would cat-sit and water the plants (yay!). I've got so much to do before we go, I don't even know where to start. Not the least of which is a ginormous homework assignment due for another course, that assignment is due in July. I really should get it done before so that I won't have to pack those extra texts & binders plus the paraphenilia for the upcoming summer courses AND (this is the clincher) so that I won't be doing assignments for that course as well while I'm in CO. Of course I've been telling myself that for the last two months. The house is completely upside down. Why do I procrastinate so? Speaking of procrastinating, I wonder what I can find out about it...

Following text added 30mins later:

I just looked up some interesting things on procrastinating. Fascinating stuff, I'll have to try them one day ;-). Where was I? Ahh, yes. I remember. I was going on and on about all the stuff I have to do before we leave (but I wasn't actually doing any of it, no siree). I also have to make a firm decision on what to pack craft-wise. I can't take it all with me, DH didn't go for the uhaul hitch idea (teehee, it seemed like a great solution to me, Men! There's no understanding them.) I have to decide on what I'm making for the Year of the Sweater KAL and the Scarf style KAL so that I don't buy ANY yarn (Stashalong) while I'm there. I'll take pics and post to the blog along the way.

Speaking of pics, this is what my DH brought home for me from his trip.

The little insignia on the bag: By Appointment to H. M. Queen Elizabeth II Supplier of Fabrics Joel & Son London. My husband is my favorite fiber enabler. I think I might make a kick-ass bag and matching cell phone or iPod holder with this fabric.

He also got me goodie bags from his flight. a.k.a amenity bags/travel wallets. I call 'em goodie bags & I love 'em. They've got such wonderful little items, esp. the pens and of course I use the bags for all my knitting/quilting notions.

Friday, May 05, 2006

What to do?

I'm trying to come up with something I want to knit for the Year of the Sweater knit-along. Should I knit something simple to help me ease into the whole knitting more than a scarf thing. OR. Should I say screw it and jump right in with both feet (or in this case, hands). It doesn't even have to be a sweater (it can be a shrug, tank, etc) , and it doesn't have to be adult size either. Also, if I knit a shrug from the Scarfstyle book for instance, it would knock out what I have to knit for the Scarf/Wrap-along as well. I also have to make sure I don't choose anything that I would have to by yarn for (Stash-along) and yet at the same time, it would be sweeeeeet if what I made used up a lot of my stash. Hmmm, I've been looking at some of my Rowan mags and looking again at the Scarf Style book. I don't have the Wrap Style but I may pick it up from the library. The last pic is from Scarf Style, it doesn't look like it will give me much of a challenge...but, it uses up 3000yds of yarn. Booyah! These are what I'm leaning towards so far:

If I choose the last one for the Scarfstyle along, then I'll still have to choose something for the year of the sweater.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Credit, where credit is due

I would like to dedicate the completion of my DB's scarf to Marie Irshad of KnitCast. Specifically her interview with Debbie Bliss. I found myself picking up my brother's scarf while I was listening to her podcast, having just discovered the knitting podcast world that day. I figured if quilters have podcasts, then it would make sense if knitters had their own. Knitting podcasts are far more exciting (in my opinion) than quilting podcasts. Not quite sure if its the nature of the beast or that particular craft is attracting exciting podcasters and their listeners. From there I discovered Cast-on with Brenda Dayne, Secret Knitting (where you knit with the podcaster, Daniella, which I haven't tried yet but the idea intrigues me). I also discovered Chubb Creek ( I want to host the Minis), CraftSanity, and Craftypod. So basically everything that can take me away from knitting (time-wise) has actually brought me closer, because I can listen and knit. "Win-win" Yay!

Diggin' this whole sock thing

I can't believe it! I am knitting a sock. Me! Knitting a sock. You have no idea how cool that is for me (I obviously don't get out much). This is my progress so far. I've just turned a heel and I'm up to the gusset part. I may even finish the 1st sock by next week. Here's the pic:

I had to rip back a few times because I kept losing track of where I was in the pattern, even though I mark things off. Also, you know how sometimes you read a pattern and a glazed look comes over your face...then you read it again and you understand it even less than you did the first time? Well that happened a few times, but with the help of my trusty gibberish translators (friendly neighborhood YS owners), I was able to get over that hump. Thanks Lu, thanks Lauren!

Monday, May 01, 2006

I'm a heel

Tomorrow me is gonna be real pissed off at tonight me. I should have been asleep hours ago, but I got stuck in the "one more row" dilemma. Mmmmmmmm, smile, yawn, stretch. Ready to turn the heel, pleased but sleepy. G'night.