Friday, April 07, 2006

Yay! New Tricks

What a crappy day I had. I won't get into details but suffice to say that at one point I was just going to burst into tears. In an attempt to salvage my Friday, I went to my first Knitting Guild meeting. I was hoping that someone there could help me out with dpn issues I've been having. The guild membership begins in June so I went as a guest. After about 5 minutes, I began thinking I probably came at the wrong night. They were working on a project involving 6 different strands of yarn (which you have to number on a piece of paper), one die and a coin. I believe it's called the Vegas Scarf. I didn't know we were supposed to bring anything so I had nothing with me but two projects that I was working on. One was the Irish Hiking Scarf, the same from the cat fiasco. I've made a lot of progress and took pics but they aren't coming out very well. I'll have to try again. The other, a pattern called carrot top from the book Knit Hats. I'm using Noro for that one. They were kind enough to let me use some of the extra yarn they had, but I didn't cast on the whole 150 stitches. I cast on about 10 instead of 150 because I knew I didn't want to finish the scarf. I just wasn't feeling the Vegas Scarf and more to the point I drove 50 mins to get there so that I could get some help on my dpns, which I desperately needed and was assured over the phone that I would be able to get. The guild meetings take place at the Fabric Tree. So there I am with two of my favorite types of fiber in one store, talk about needing will power! I was soooooo good, I briefly fondled the bamboo yarn, leafed through a couple of pattern books I hadn't seen before and looked at the Amy Butler Free Spirit line of fabrics. All I purchased were two circular size 4 needles, because Joann (guild head I believe) said she would be able to show me how to knit on the round with two circular needles a la Socks Soar With Two Circular Needles. I have in my personal library two of Cat Brodhi's book but I'm a very visual learner and couldn't make heads or tails of it. Joann was kind enough to show me last night and now of course when I look at the book and it makes perfect sense. I'm so excited! On the round without the big gaping holes that I usually get from working with dpns! Totally worth the trip. I also observed her teaching someone a grafting technique for seams that look smooth. It was pretty cool, I found myself saying the technique outloud with the person who was learning. A mixture of a mantra and The Karate Kid, "knit leave on, knit take off, purl leave on, purl take off." Interesting, can't wait to learn. This guild seems like they have a lot of cool members, so perhaps I'll join in August since I'll be in Colorado come end of May 'til July. In the meantime I'll continue as a guest for first Friday in May. Everyone brought their show-n-tells, very yummy bags, a beautiful shawl, a quilted vest made of scraps, and a very cool gauntlet type glove with a swirl pattern made by yo's but without yo holes! I'll have to find that pattern one day. Now I'm off the dip my circs in their hot water spa bath (we all need to relax, don't we?)


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