Wednesday, April 19, 2006

What I hear

This very moment I am listening to Hapa's self titled debut album (which is my favorite so far of all their albums with Namahana coming in a close second). I miss not being able to hear them live as often as I did when I was living on Oahu. The last Hapa concert I went to was in Maryland two years ago, DH bought surprise tickets for our anniversary. Of course I cried, seeing and hearing them makes me feel homesick. But how can you feel homesick for a place you've spent the least amount of years of your life so far? I can't explain it well though, just a feeling I got the moment I clapped my eyes on that chain of islands I felt as if I finally came home. Has this ever happened to any of you out there in blogland? It was like time stood still and everything just shifted slightly and clicked into place. I love and miss Hawai'i, the land itself, the pace, the culture, the people and of course my dear friends (shoutouts to Kekoa, Robyn, Lana and Noelani!). Hence the hawaiian name of my blog. A few of you from the mainland have asked what it means. It is hawaiian, roughly translated it means "song of praise". Because that's what I feel that we do whenver we create something. The need for us to create is so deeply ingrained, I believe that even those of you out there who don't believe you are "artistic" or crafty, (not in the sneaky sense) have it and you should just go with it no matter what anyone says. Making, creating is very soothing (and sometimes maddening). You feel the stillness of time and stand back to look at your work and you can tell whether or not it needs "something" you may not know what it is but you intuit that it needs something else. Then you find whatever your piece needed and again you feel the stillness of time but now with that slight shift when everything clicks into place, you stand back to look at your work and you can tell that the piece is done, it needs nothing else but to lovingly give it away. Because we carry the process and the experience inside of us forever, the object no longer has to be with us. You know this because you have been listening with all your being. I love that feeling.


Anonymous Kekoa said...

We miss you too, are we going to have to go the mainland and drag you back here? :-)

11:25 AM  
Anonymous Noe said...

Yah, why did you have to move so far away? Going to the Aloha Bowl is not nearly as much fun without you :-(

4:11 PM  
Anonymous Lana said...

It's true, I'm at my most content when I'm throwing clay, such a feeling of intensity, contentment and peace at the same time.

5:02 PM  
Anonymous Maxx said...

Thanks for turning me on to Hapa, I live in Cali and I'm surprised I hadn't heard of them before. I'm getting tics the next time they come over. I dig your site. Keep it up.

7:03 AM  

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