Sunday, April 30, 2006

No title, just thinking

I think one of the aspects that I love about knitting is also one of the aspects that used to madden me about it and that is this, knitting, (at least for me) is not an immediate gratification sort of thing. It seems I knit and knit, knit, knit, then knit some more and it still doesn't look like anything. But through knitting I discovered a patience I didn't know I had. Like life, sometimes it takes so long for the beauty and the pattern to appear. In this time of instant access, internet access and full access, so long seems like forever. Knitting for me is an antidote to the need for speed- a reality check in many ways and very freeing. Walk with me a little this way, would you?

In knitting, we have slow starts, make mistakes that we sometimes have the opportunity to fix (if they are caught in time). We may realize that the yarn (you can insert job, life, etc. here) we thought we wanted and had the perfect pattern for, no longer suits. Yarn is so very forgiving. Mistakes when made can be ripped out and we are given an opportunity to "make things right". We also have the option to not fix a mistake. We can leave it be if we choose to, and not obsess about it. We receive the gift of looking at the creation for what it is a beautiful imperfect object made by a beautiful imperfect being.

As adults, we sometimes forget what it was like to be a child. We are born with no skills, no knowledge of this world and how to move around in it, but bit by bit we learn. With each encounter, within each moment is an opportunity for growth. Whenever we try to grasp a concept or learn something totally new to us, acknowledge that we become almost like the child- struggling, sometimes stumbling, but filled with possibility. Wrestling with what will later on be second nature to us.

Well, off to a second day of workshops. I will post pics of progress later.

Edit: added update pics

This bag is my first intralac experience. Oh and something is wrong with my sock, not sure what it is it just looks funky in one spot. It's looks like a stange combination of a dropped stitch and ????


Anonymous Melinda said...


Thank you for putting into words what I and a lot of other people find beautiful and sometimes frustrating about knitting.

6:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

True that

9:31 PM  

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