Thursday, April 06, 2006

Le bag, c'est fini!

I finished the bag yesterday except for the buttons. The original buttons I got were way too large for a bag this size, so I went back to Joann's last night to exchange them. This of course meant I spent 2 hours in the home dec fabric aisle getting swatches cut for my next bag. They're having a 50% off home dec fabric sale until April 15th.

What I learned:

1) Even though I used mid-weight decorating fabric I wish the handbag was less floppy. Next time I'll use stabilizer as well.

2) When making a bag this size, I'll go with a smaller overall pattern. I wasn't really able to fit a whole scene anywhere, so I spent days hemming and hawing over what was going to be on the main part of the bag. Finally I said screw it and just cut.

3) Toggle buttons are a pain.

But the most important things I learned...

4) I like making bags.

5) Alongs are fun.

Possibly a swing bag next (I'm working my way up to the Weekender)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

How pretty, you've inspired me to start sewing! Can you get Amy Butler patterns anywhere?

11:24 AM  
Blogger Carine said...

Thank you! You can get them at a few quilting stores or as I found out from a fellow sew-alonger you can of course get them on Ebay

11:26 AM  

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