Saturday, April 01, 2006

Happy Spring to you

Yeah, I know the first day of spring was a few days ago, but today is April 1st so in my mind it's officially spring. These are some of the photos I took at the Annual Philidelphia Flower Show. Aren't they loverly?

Okay, since I've blogged last I joined 2 more alongs (just a tad obsessive there). Ahh, the things I do to induce productivity. Remember the cat & yarn fiasco? I've joined the Irish Hiking Scarf along, so "Ha" to you kitties. This scarf will exist despite your plotting. It's so nice to see all the pics of Irish Hiking Scarves people around the world are making. Oh and I also joined Stashalong in an effort to reduce and use my yarn stash. No buying any yarn or yarn related items for 12months, that's to insure I don't increase my stash. On the reduce end I commit to using up or selling 5-10% of my yarn during that time.


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