Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Bizarre News

After listening to NPR's Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me (Podcast version) last night, my DH went online to look for a story that featured a "monster rabbit" on a rampage in a UK Village. The giant rabbit with a ferocious appetite is causing quite a stir. Luckily rabbits are vegetarians. Now I for one didn't know rabbits came that large and the rabbit in the photo is supposedly smaller than one that's run amok. Must be a pretty smart rabbit to have evaded them so long, especially considering it's size. So my DH and I came to a thought almost simultaneously: Imagine if angora rabbits came in that size! For you non-knitters out there the angora rabbit (yes, there is a rabbit under all that) is very popular for hair which can be spun into a light, almost decadently soft yarn. (side note) The angora goat (Angora seems to be a very popular region) produces what we call mohair. I remember two years ago when I first started knitting my DH and I went to a yarn shop, there I was fondling all the yarn and my DH wandered away and came back a few minutes later with a strange expression on his face, holding up a skein of mohair "Whats a mo?" The look on his face was classic, after I stopped laughing and wiped the tears from my eyes, I admitted that I had no idea so we looked it up when we got home.

Also in bizarre news, an attack cat has caused some Fairfield residents to be extra cautious when venturing outdoors. Lewis the "psycho kitty" is under house arrest. Very odd.

While we were leaving my Mum's house late Sunday evening I saw what I thought was a small to medium size dog crossing the street, barely avoiding getting hit by a passing vehicle. What caught my eyes though was it's movement, it didn't move like a dog or a cat for that matter so I kept looking to see if it would appear again. It had an arched back and moved like it preferred to be erect rather than on all fours. Well it wasn't a dog or a cat but a racoon. I didn't expect to ever see a racoon in downtown Flushing, Queens.


Anonymous 'Rica said...

Whoa! That "monster rabbit" sounds an awful lot like that Wallace & Grommit movie. Are you sure someone isn't having a field day with the press?

7:06 AM  

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