Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Bag 1.5 & survey

I get so inspired when I come home from work, I always thought early mornings were my creativity peaks. I started this yesterday and I'm about halfway done. It's a needle case using leftover material from the first handbag. The cover will be the tropical print. I'm trying to decide what to use for the inside flap that goes over the needles to prevent them from sliding out, should I use this material that I swear if I stare at it long enough begins to move (which for some strange reason appeals to me) or should I use plain unbleached muslin? I bought the wavy stripe thing at Marshall's a few months back, I think it's a dish rag. I had no idea what I wanted to use it for when I got it but I liked the pattern. The case is going to be a roll type with two buttons and very thin elastic. It holds my Denise interchangeable needles as well other as circs & straights. I put in a little pocket on the right hand side to hold the end caps and extenders that came with the Denise needles. Used velcro on that. So I put the question to you all: stripe or muslin? Whaddya think?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We came out of lurking to reach a vote, we say go with the stripes!

11:23 AM  

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