Monday, March 20, 2006

What I see, what I hear

In the early morning during my drive to work, I've been listening, off and on to "Anam Cara" by Celtic scholar & poet John O'Donohue.
he is such a pleasure to listen to, the cadence and lyrical quality of his voice are arresting sometimes I find myself having one of those "driveway moments" where you don't want to get out the car and miss what comes next. His spirituality is very thought provoking. I don't always have radio on, because I enjoy the silence. I find that silence is something so rare and sacred in these days of cell phones, ipods and the like. I remember on one of our vacations a few years back, DH and I went to Colorado and went hiking on our first day there. It was so cool to go hiking and see animals, that because I grew up in a major city, only ever saw on t.v. or in a zoo. There they were just grazing, paying us no mind. At one point while on the hiking trail two deer crossed our path. I just stood there and gently pulled DH's arm to get his attention. One of the deer had stayed behind a bit and stood in the path facing us, we stared at each other for a long time. The deer then seemed to continue on it's way, but we still hadn't moved. It came back a few seconds later with it's companion and we just stared at them and they at us for what seemed like a long time but was most likely only two minutes. Silence is like that to me sometimes a moment so beautiful, I don't want to break it. Mind you, having lived in Pennsylvania I had even seen a moose walking down our street at about 4:00 am one morning on the way to work, that was surreal. Had I known at the time that moose a sighting in PA was a nearly unheard of phenomina, I would have called the occurence in. Growing up in New York City allows you to see daily the most absurd things as an almost natural, normal occurence. Seeing a llama in the backseat of a taxi cab one day for example. But this was a different experience, we were in the Rockies, their turf this time not New England, New York City or Allentown PA. It was silent contemplation and curiosity and it was awesome.

I'm finally going to start on a book I purchased over a year ago on, "The Creative Habit" by Twyla Tharp. I'll divide my time between that and school related materials and texts


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