Sunday, March 19, 2006

Updates & Whatnots

Last weekend's NorthEastern Shop Hop was a complete success! If you count success as my winning any of the prizes in any of the stores in the two states involved a success, then no that part was a complete bomb. BUT on the other hand if you count success as spending a wonderful weekend driving your DH batty when he comes to the realization that gasp, you are just one of the many fabric dependent junkies out there and there is NO CURE! (insert evil laugh here) Then yes, it was a rousing success. I got to visit new quilt shops and buy more fabric and each shop had a goodie bag for the shop hop participants. One of the grand prize winners came all the way from New Jersey! There is no way she could have done all that in one day. It took us both Saturday and Sunday. Granted we started quite late on Saturday due to the fact I had a workshop to go to that had completely slipped my mind. We didn't actually hit the first shop until 2:00pm and we barely made it to the last shop on Sunday before they closed. Grand prize winners received the Madeira Treasure Chest and each store had their own drawings and prizes. Plus it was great fun. I love driving around with DH, he always takes the scenic routes and I think he's part compass.

I have been quilting I managed to square all my blocks of the crazy curves quilt and piece them, and then unpiece them. Long story, but I will say the seam ripper and I are best buds. I'm in the process of re-piecing.

Here is a pic of an arrangement I didn't choose to go with.

I began my hand quilting class being offered at one of the local high schools in the evenings. Completely lost track of the particulars of cutting my half triangles for the Amazing Technicolor Quilt. She showed us a way of cutting that would eliminate having to snip off the extra corners at the end of each altered & reassembled square (a.k.a. triangle) but I forgot, uuuggggh! I have to give her a call. Crazy quilt class and other curve class, hmmm, I believe it's best not to ask about those right now.

I had my phone interview earlier this week and just received my acceptance letter (yay!). What did you say? Why, yes as a matter of fact it is for the summer plans I'm making. Housing (check), how I'm getting to Colorado (check), transportation while I'm there (check), roommates to lower housing costs (check). Application and acceptance into the program. Ahem, application and acceptance (oh, yes of course, check). My mind prefers the spherical rather than linear thought process. I can understand the linear thought process but can't comprehend why someone would want to operate that way. I'm so glad DH has gotten used to it. This morning after breakfast DH came up with an analogy, he said I talk like I quilt. I have at least 7 different conversations going on at once and they never actually finish. Ha, ha, very funny DH, very funny.


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