Sunday, March 19, 2006

Quilt Show Pics

On March 3rd my most wonderful DH took me to for a drive to my first quilt show "Fabrics & Fabrications" a quilt exhibit in Fairfield, Connecticut. The exhibit benefited the Make a Wish Foundation. I managed to take some photos before the juice in my camara died. The quilts were draped over pews or hung from various balconies so getting the full effect in the photos proved challenging. The descriptions and information come from the exhibit catalog.

One of my favorite quilts was a crazy quilt from 1888 made by Jennie Tarbell Crowther of Vermont.

Here is a close-up...

Other than the fact that it's a hand quilted whole cloth quilt, I'm not sure about the rest of the information on this piece. I zoomed in to get detail and forgot to write down the number to look up in the pamphlet afterwards. I think it might be called "Medallion Star" created from a pattern in the Smithsonian Institute quilt collection.

J. Phil Beaver designed the line of fabric and the quilt "Indiana Harvest" for Free Spirit Fabrics. WOW!

The "African Story Quilt" was made in Nyanga, Zimbabwe. Each panel tells a story of people in their village, an accompanying paper detailed the meaning of each picture. Of course DH thought the last panel and it's description was very funny.

"Japanese Garden Path" was created by Kathleen Rice who was inspired by a similar quilt she saw in a 2005 quilt show. It reminds me of both Stone Henge and of the stone walls found throughout New England.

"Tree of Life" is a commissioned king-size Amish piece that hung from the choir balcony in one of the chapels used for the exhibit.


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