Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Come "a-long" with me

I've joined my first "a-long", the first of many I hope. I'm very excited. I've picked out my fabric(s) and pattern(s) . I'll finally be able to put those Amy Butler patterns I bought to good use. Last summer while rummaging through The Rag Shop I stumbled on the Amy Butler patterns, they didn't have many and of course I wanted them all. I was very patient (in my opinion anyway) and bought one a week using my 50% off coupon. Fortunately no one else seemed to want them and there wasn't even a place for them on any of the shelves. They were just there off to the side on the cutting counter. Anywhoose, I'm making the smart handbag in the upper right corner. I'll use the striped fabric for the lining and the tropical print for the outside. They were on sale, so I treated myself to a few more cuts of fabric with money I had found in the pocket of a jacket I hadn't worn since we moved here. I picked up buttons for the bag while I was at Joann's as well. I would also like to make the velma bag, the swing bag & the weekender bag (I don't have weekender bag pattern, but maybe I should check out Rag Shop again). All the other "a-longers" chose fabulous fabric and patterns, I can hardly wait to see the process and final results. One person has even finished her bag and the a-long hasn't yet started! Awesome!


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