Sunday, March 26, 2006

Area 51 has nothing on me

I started a scarf for my DB for his birthday. Growing up he was a great fan of BBC's cult series Dr. Who, so I decided to make a Dr. Who inspired scarf using a pattern in Sally Melville's, The Knit Stitch. The scarf was my first knitting project and I started it before we left for vacay to South Carolina. The few minutes before we left saw me practically burning my retinas trying to memorize the movements from helloknitty because I wanted to learn how to knit continental (the english method seemed like such a waste of energy to me). I figured if I couldn't learn continental from knitting an 8ft scarf it wouldn't be from lack of practice. Well it worked! During my non-driving times (my DH and I took turns) I got a hang of it and actually finished the scarf two weeks after I started. BUT I never wove in the ends and this summer will mark a two year ufo! Uggh I really don't like weaving in the ends. Now I know to weave them in while I am knitting. So because of this my poor DB still does not have his scarf. Hmmmm, his birthday is coming up and I have 49 ends to split and weave in. Can I do it by Saturday's B-day dinner? Just in time for Spring? I will try dang nabbit!


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