Monday, February 13, 2006

Wheee! Snow Day!!

Before going to bed last night I placed the telephone on my makeshift nightstand along with the telephone tree containing the names and phone numbers of parents in our main school. That way if I got a phone call for school cancellation in the wee hours of the morning I wouldn't have to struggle, groggy eyed looking for anything. I didn't actually think we'd get a snow day today. The snow had stopped falling by around 3:30 yesterday afternoon. My phone rang at 5:30 this morning and I called the next person on the main telephone tree list to continue the domino effect, then proceeded to call the parents in my school (we're itty bitty so that took all of 5 mins.) I acquaint snow days with finding a $20 in your coat pocket from the winter before, makes you heady with thoughts of how you're going to spend it. I'm going to go hunting for an architect's compass to make my templates for the online Curved Piecing class I'm taking on I'll see what other mischief I can get into. Mayhaps I'll bring my camera along to take photos of our winter wonderland.


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