Sunday, February 12, 2006

Let it Snow!

The northeast got hit with a lot of snow today...over 2ft! A light dusting compared to snowfall in let's say Michigan for instance, but very thrilling! This prompted a conversation with my DH as to how much snow would it take to have school closings in Montana, which of course led to guesses on the state or city with the most yearly snow fall. I googled and found a site that gives average snowfall by city and state. Imagine my surprise when California made the top ten list twice!

My DH and I ventured outside to clear the snow off the vehicles so we wouldn't have to deal with a frozen, heavy mess in the early a.m. I love being out in the snow, especially snowfall this heavy. There is such a profound silence, like the world is holding it's breath. Everything is so still, so beautiful. Of course it will cause havoc commuting tomorrow, but that's tomorrow and this is today. The snow itself was light and powdery. I wonder what the Inuit word for this particular snowfall would be? How many words for snow are they proposed to have? How much of that is true and how much is urban legend?


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