Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day

Our Anniversary Dinner is almost ready, except the salad. I think my DH is surprising me with a bottle of Ice Wine. If you like sweet wines, I suggest you try it. The best Ice Wine (in my humble opinion) is made in Canada. Take a look at the process.

Enter: "Spring"

This is a quilt I'm making for my Mum. Inspired by the little green buds I discerned on the trees while I was in NYC (last spring of course). It's also inspired by Vivaldi's "Spring". I hope to create a quilt for each of the Suites in his "Four Seasons". Each season will be a different style. See if you follow my thinking here, the upper left hand corner (not the borders) of the quilt represent the little buds, then the browns of the trunks of the trees, then the dirt and small stones leading into the blues of the water across to the bank on the other side, up the trees to the buds and then the blue of the sky. Repeat. It took me a long time to decide on how to border and quilt it, I actually had to put it away for several months but I think I've finally decided. The main portion will be free motion in a side-to-side swirly ripples in a lake fashion and the outside border will be lines extending from the main quilt to echo the straight lines of the bargello effect. I got the pattern for this quilt from Colorwash Bargello Quilts by Beth Ann Willams


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