Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Encrusted Crazy Quilting Class

It's almost here, it's almost here. Tomorrow, February 16th is the start of the Encrusted Crazy Quilting Class that I'm taking online with Sharon Boggon who incidentally has a fabulous blog called inaminuteago. She has the most incredible links to resources/information about quilting and other fiber arts. It is such a joy that she shares them with us. Check it out.

Me thinks I may have a wee bit too much on my plate, but what the heck. Since I'm off from school all of next week and will only be working at my second job Wednesday through Friday in the evenings, I'll try and use that time to do as much work on my projects as possible. I decided not to take the Silk Ribbon class this go around :-( that's too bad because I really wanted to feel comfortable enough to use the technique for my crazy quilt. I just don't have time to find all the materials I need (nor the funds, I've nearly exhausted my fiber budget on classes & supplies).

On another note I'm having trouble with links inside my blog posts, can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. Hopefully I'll work out something soon. In the meantime cut & paste the urls.

Oh! One more thing. I was cruising iTunes yesterday and getting updates on my Podcast subscriptions, typed in "Quilt" and wouldn't you know there are quilting pods! It's like having an all quilt all the time radio station. Wonderful stuff.


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