Tuesday, February 21, 2006


I think I've sewn myself into a corner, see below

I started out using the sew and flip method but now I think I'm using something else, hmmm. Anyway elsewhere in the news, I went to my first Crazy Curves class yesterday evening (this is different from the Curved Piecing class online). I'm a very visual learner so I wanted to take this "live" class in order to aid me in my online class as well as learn different ways of piecing. The class was supposed to have started last Monday but it was cancelled due to the snow storm. Of course yours truly still hadn't signed up yet. I called The Quilt Shop in Danbury to find out what materials I needed to bring and ran out of here like a bat outta hell yesterday (very un-Montessori like). Amy Trompetter is the instructor (a sweet woman and a wonderful instructor) and the pattern we are using is called Drunkard's Path Gone Wild from Elisa Wilson's book Crazy Curves. I just grabbed as many light & dark fat quarters as possible as I was running out of the house. Needless to say I wasn't pleased with my fabric choices. I'm still trying to decide what fabrics I want to use, but this is what I made last night

This pattern lends itself well to batiks, but I don't have a lot of batiks and I really don't feel like spending hours in a fabric shop getting more material (I know, it's a blasphemous statement but I don't want to shop now, I want to quilt). I've got a lot to do before Friday's class. Instead of extending the class one week due to the snow storm, we decided to meet this Friday as well and we need to have 36 of those curved pieces done! And I still have to make room for the furniture delivery on Saturday...Ackkkk!



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