Friday, February 24, 2006

Caution, curves ahead

This is what I got done so far and the class is tonight. The blocks in the center remind me of girl scout butter cookies, mmmm, butter cookies. Still less than half of what I was supposed to have done, I thought it was 36 but upon further reflection, I think it was supposed to be 64 (I was concentrating on sewing my curves at the time and missed what the instructor said). I didn't think I would like the color combination with the pattern but now I'm totally digging it. I even have a possible plan for quilting, I see an echo pattern of the circles and quarter circles. It hasn't given me a name yet though. Sewing the curves is a little slow, but I'm getting faster and not sacrificing accuracy. All this without having to make those little registration marks and snips into the fabric. Perfect curves every time. Imagine that!

I spent the better part of my week doing laundry and on the phone with the Mac people, the SBC Global people (dsl) and the Cannon people for my printer (which obviously didn't want to be left out of the fun). Both computers refused to acknowledge the printer, "I don't even know you anymore, you've changed". The printer on the other hand was like "Nah, man what you think you despise in me is what you are afraid to see in yourselves, it is the reflection of your inner self that you refuse to acknowledge". Well it turns out it was neither, I just needed to download drivers specifically for the Canon i860, not generic drivers. So technically what they had there, my laptops and my printer, was a failure to communicate. Why would I have to do this since I've never done it before? When I got the 12inch G4 I just popped the usb plug into the printer and was off and running, no cd needed. Well my dirty deeds have caught up with me. We'll see what else the electronic future holds.

I finally sent my application for the A to I course scheduled for this summer and next in Colorado, hopefully I'll hear from them soon. Especially since I've narrowed down my search for housing over there and have found potential roommates who are also taking the course. This is the second summer for 2 of them and the first for the other 2 (but they've had previous AMI training). I've never had roommates before, so this should be interesting. Oh, and I almost forgot! I'll most likely be making this a road trip! YAY!! Road trip, road trip, road trip, road trip. This will be my first long road trip, we usually leave early in the morning and get to where we are staying by early the next morning, taking turns at the wheel and stopping only for breaks. But this will be a bonafide road trip. I'm burning cd's for it and everything. My sweet DH has decided to join me, he requested his vacation time to coincide with my trip. We'll drive there, he'll fly back home and fly back over when my studies are done (which is kinda ridiculous, I believe my Mum may have had something to do with this, she was worried about me being out there on the road all by myself) but we get another road trip going back. Cool! DH has been to every state except Kansas and Alaska, this trip will knock off plenty for me. I'll collect interesting things for my classroom from every state we get to. Oh! and I can't wait to see all the quilting/knitting stores and museums and shows and....


Blogger Sillycrazyme said...

Does it help if I say I wouldn't even have come this far with the quilting thing?

8:42 AM  
Blogger Carine said...

Not one stitch...but may your kind encouragement be returned to you a thousand fold :-)

1:13 PM  

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