Sunday, February 26, 2006

Block Party!

I got no quilting done all weekend, I had to drive all the way back to the shop on Saturday to get my sewing machine which, in my haste I forgot there Friday evening after class. Then we had to make it home in time for the furniture delivery. Wow! Finally after 8yrs of marriage we have a bedroom set. We had never been able to agree on a set before. DH would like one aspect of the set but not the whole thing and of course I would like certain aspects of another set all together, but again not the whole thing. Well almost 4 yrs ago our eyes clapped on a set that not only we both agreed on, but we both liked the entire collection. After our jaw dropped from sticker shock we kept searching in other stores. We never bought anything else though. I wanted a timeless piece that I wouldn't get tired of looking at. I also prefer dark woods. Late 2005 I started working part time at RH (where our dream bed set is) to supplement my teaching income. I must say it wasn't a coincidence, whenever I decide to work retail it has to fall under 2 rules 1) The store has to have quality merchandise that I would use, honestly represent and most likely want and 2) The store has to have very little clothing (if any). Folding and re-folding during the holidays in retail is not my idea of a good time. Well, the employee discount made the purchase a bit more realistic. Our room is on the small side so we were only able to get 3 pieces. We chose the wardrobe, the king size sleigh bed and one nightstand.

On the quilting front here are pictures of my fellow student's quilts from the Crazy Curves class, the pictures do not do justice to the rich colors found in all the quilts:

This is Lisa's quilt, she is making a queen size bed quilt to present to her husband as a surprise for the upcoming 12yr anniversary (Happy Anniversary Lisa & Hubby!).

This is Yvonne's quilt. Yvonne will not be quilting her quilt, instead she plans on stretching it over canvas as an art piece for her home. Aren't the batiks divine! So rich and varied. What a wonderful collection from her stash.

This is Betsy's quilt, her quilt is still evolving. The fabrics she's using have such a cosmic quality to them. I can't wait to see it when it's done!

What of mine you ask, well, yours truly is slow as molasses. My block placement changed since the last time (slightly) and I'm very pleased with it so far. I'll post a pic next time. I still have such a long way to go though (15 more blocks to sew, square all 64 then start on the borders), but all the sweeter when I get there. What of progress on the other quilts, knitting projects, housekeeping, homework? "La, la, la, la, la (hands over ears) I cannot hear you."

This was such a wonderful class and I learned so much. The instructor, Ann Trompetter is such a sweetie, her accumulated knowledge flows from her so easily. Much sharing was taking place and ideas and information were constantly being exchanged. For instance, the ladies in my class were kind enough to indulge me in giving even their teensiest fabric scraps to create a technique, by Frances Emery I saw in the Spring 2006 issue of American Quilter Magazine called "Scraptures". Lisa, while Google-ing found a website that featured some interesting quilting patterns that others who have made Crazy Curves quilts have used (thanks Lisa!).

The quilting is phenomenal! I saw some pretty cool ideas that may just change my quilting plans for either this or future quilts. Yum!


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