Sunday, February 19, 2006

Best laid plans

Let's see...what if someone who has never had a problem with their internet connection or their computer (it is a Mac afterall) was enrolled in 3 online classes that would be going on simultaneously. What if the same person had recently started a weblog and was over the moon that she had managed to log on faithfully and blog daily since it inception. What could possibly happen in a situation like that? Any guesses? How about no internet access since the day that the third class began and the exact date that the assignment from the professional online course is due. It turns out midway through reinstalling my OS X-- I realized it couldn't possibly be a Mac problem because I wasn't able to logon to the internet in either computer (both are Macs but same day I upgraded to OS X.4.3 on my main laptop and I thought maybe there was a conflict between the upgrade and my Safari/Firefox. Well the computer wasn't the problem but it became part of the problem after I tried "fixing" it. Two days later, with the help of a friendly Apple Tech we came to the conclusion that these were my options: 1) buy a firewire, transfer all my files to the other computer, erase my hard drive and reinstall OS X again (less expensive, but not something I was looking forward to) or 2) buy Disk Warrior (the more expensive, therefore least desirable option). I went down to CompUSA yesterday, got both and tried Disk Warrior first. It is as magical as they say! I'm back on and have a few things to catch up on blogwise, but a heck of a lot of things to catch up on online classwise.


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